7 Things to Remember When Your Car is Flooded

Jason Rodgers

Recent flooding in Beaudesert has damaged a few cars as reported by The Courier Mail. Since many parts of Queensland are flood prone, you need a reliable car servicing company recommended by your car insurance provider. This way, you can easily ask for replacement car parts Beaudesert dealers offer as part of your insurance coverage.

What if your car is flooded? What should be your next best step? Below are pointers that may help you save your car when your car is flooded:

1. Stay Calm and Cautious. Carefully remove the water from the car as soon as the flood subsides. This way you can prevent rust and keep the electronic parts from rotting. Open all doors of the vehicle as well as the boot of the car to dry things out faster. If you are not confident in doing this step, you may ask help from car mechanics.

2. Never Start the Engine. Starting the engine would only complicate things and may even cause harm. You may even be at risk of instant death by suffering from electrocution.

3. Disconnect the Battery. Since the battery is the heart of the car’s electronic system, removing the battery will reduce possible damage to the car or to yourself. In case you need to replace the battery, you can find reliable dealers of car parts Beaudesert has today just to be on the safe side.

4. Remove All Plugs. To help water out of the cylinders, it is best to remove the plugs. If you have no idea how to do this, a reliable Beaudesert car repairs company can help you.

5. Check for Contamination. During a flood, it is possible that the fuel tank is contaminated with water. You can check by removing a liter or two and if you can see that there is water in the mixture, remove all fuel and replace it.

6. Take Advantage of Gravity. The exhaust pipe may also be filled with water so it might help if you jack up the front a little bit. Gravity will help the liquid to flow out. Just in case your exhaust pipe needs replacing, you can visit the nearest dealer of car parts Beaudesert has today to look for an exhaust pipe that fits your car model.

7. Sanitize. Flood water is full of harmful bacteria. You wouldn’t want that to stay in your car. You have to wash the inside of your car and disinfect the car seats and carpets to prevent mold.

Do not wait until your vehicle is flooded before you visit a service center. Regular car maintenance is the key to having a well-conditioned car. A reliable car dealership company can recommend expert mechanics to assist you whenever you have engine problems or needing an oil change.

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