Bad boys may be tough, but ATV Tyres are tougher

ATV Tyres
Jason Rodgers

We all know them—the rugged, greasy, mysterious, and adventurous lads—the “bad boy” stereotypes. Sure, they look and act tough, and although they might really be tough, ATV tyres are definitely tougher. If you haven’t heard of Brisbane’s All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) or ATV tyres, well read on and maybe you could ride one someday and go on a fun, well-prepared, and exciting adventure.


ATV Tyres


All Terrain Vehicles or ATVs are described as some of the most adaptable vehicles of this generation’s vehicles. All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are quickly becoming popular these days. Naturally, the demand for durable and tough as nails ATV tyres is also deluging. If you’re an ATV rider, maybe you’re well-aware that putting new ATV tyres on your ATV doesn’t only give you maximum efficiency in maneuvering, but did you know that the ATV tyre type could greatly impact your driving performance?

Moreover, ATV riders must also know that every set of ATV Tyres Brisbane has today works well to a corresponding type of terrain. Sure, they’re tough—but they have reservations. If you choose the wrong ATV Tyres in Brisbane and drive in a mismatched terrain, it could lead to worn tyres and damaged vehicle, and in worse cases, fatal injuries and accidents.

Buying the right and suitable set of tyres for a particular terrain type ensures your safety and optimises your performance. Now, while it’s great to buy tyres according to a recently explored terrain, legendary tyre types can be pricey and most riders are unwilling to spend a hefty amount of cash.

To avoid overspending or worse wrong purchases, it is very important to study the most common types and specifications of ATV tyres before buying. For a wise and informed buying experience, here are some tips for you:

Types of ATV Tyres

Knowing ATV tyre types is important. You could look at datasheets from ATV tyre manufacturing companies or sellers like Aussie Powersports. Nevertheless, here are some examples of specialized tyres with their unique characteristics:

Mud Tyres

From its name, this tyre sure does know how to get down and dirty. ATV mud tyres can survive even the chunkiest, muckiest, and deepest bogs and slopes, as well as other wet terrains and sloppy lands your vehicle sets its tyres on. Mud tyres also have irregularly-shaped, wide-spaced, and directional tread pattern with added depth. This is designed for the tyres to have a better grip to plow through the mud.

Moreover, while ATV mud tyres withstand dampness, these don’t work well with hard packs. It can be extremely uncomfortable in areas with rocky packs. If used on such types of terrain, the tyres will obviously wear in no time and get entirely damaged beyond repair. See more here Aussie Power Sports

All Terrain/Trail Tyres

Described as the jack-of-all-trades in the ATV tyre family, these multi-talented tyres are designed to work well in almost all terrain types. These tyres are perfect for every rider who thinks the world is his oyster—those low-maintenance riders who want to hit up on every type of terrain without having to switch up their tyres. However, watch out for muddy and snowy environments as other types of tyres can give a more optimised performance for those areas.

Sand Tyres

Sand tyres or paddle tyres got their name because of the crests that look like paddles on the back tyres. ATV sand tyres take the spotlight in sandy areas such as Abu Dhabi’s deserts and sandy beaches where the terrain is loose. Even though they rock in dunes, sand tyres are not suitable for mud packs, trail riding, and rocky terrains.

Racing Tyres

The last but definitely not the least, racing tyres—the ATV tyres for the fast and the furious. From the name, racing tyres provide splendid handling and demonstrate incredible agility on flat surfaces. They can be classified into tread profiles and front and rear tyres, in which each is designed for a corresponding track.

Are you ready to hear those tyres screech? Just remember to study tyre datasheets carefully and you’re good to go. If you want to buy ATV tyres, accessories, and winches, you can try visiting Aussie Powersports or call them at 07 4787 4554. Happy shopping! Click here for more information

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