The Difference that a Ram Mount Makes

Jason Rodgers

Some things may look or sound unnecessary but in reality, when you put them to a test, they make everything better. Look at the cell phones and the internet. Before, the way people treated them is like how the earliest humans first discovered fire in South Africa. They were probably scared at first but eventually, it helped them immensely. Compared with today, the internet has also become a necessity—heck, it’s even considered a right. So when it comes to useful gadgets like ram mounts Australia has these days, you should never hesitate to get one.

First of all, if you haven’t heard of ram mounts Australia mobile stores sell, don’t mistake them as animals. But you can’t really excuse yourself from not hearing about ram mounts in Australia, except if you’re a child, because since the late 80s and early 90s, ram mounts have been around. For example, Mr Mobile Pty Ltd, an Australian owned and operated business, has been supplying mobile handsets, accessories such as Australia ram mounts, and gadgets to firms and government agencies since 1987.

Ram mounts are mounting components that hold a device like a smartphone or a tablet. They can be mounted on any dashboard—from motorcycles, cars, trucks to boats. And those are not even the half of it.

So why must you get one for your vehicle? You can argue that as long as you practice safety in the car while using your smartphone, it’s enough. Well, read on because there are legitimate reasons why you should use ram mounts Australia stores sell these days: Checkout at Mr Mobile

Safety purposes.

Probably the number one and best reason to buy a ram mount. Mobile phones have been labelled as one of the most notorious car accident causes. More specifically, it’s the users who have safety issues when it comes to using smart phones in the car. Now, you really have to keep your eyes on the road, right? But when you look at your phone, your eyes are completely down plus your hands will get extra busy. With a ram mount, you can check your phone on an eye-level distance because you can mount it above or beside your rear view mirror. With this, you can check messages and notifications but still keep your eyes on the road.


Since the spark of Uber and other phenomenal transport business startups, cab drivers have been using mobile apps. A ram mount is absolutely a necessity to these people since they need to check their smartphones if they have any messages from their customers.

It’s made of durable material.

Since it’s going to be put on a vehicle, you can now relax if you’ve been doubting its durability. For example, most ram mounts are usually made of rubber. Knowing that rubber is non-slip, easy-grip material, you won’t have any problems in literally handling it especially if you have clammy hands. Also, it wouldn’t be used by the military personnel if ram mounts materials were manufactured from low-quality raw materials.

In the end, gadgets are also investments. In the case of ram mounts, its purpose makes a significant difference. From a wider perspective, the best ram mounts Australia has these days could even save your life and prevent accidents from happening.

Now if you’re looking for quality ram mounts, you may try browsing for smart phone mounts. They ship Australia-wide so you can have your ram mount at any given minute.


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